Kevin & Rebecca – Don’t Fight Make It Right Videos

Love Languages

Kevin & Rebecca talk about how to love your partner the right way, using their” Love Language”!


Kevin & Rebecca talk about Intimacy and how to bring back the passion in your relationship.


Kevin & Rebecca discuss how ignoring your partner will ruin your relationship.

Gender Differences

Kevin & Rebecca discuss how Gender Differences can cause misunderstandings in communication.


Kevin & Rebecca discuss how to navigate through chores to eliminate tension.

New Version

Feeling Sexy at Any Age.

Reinventing Yourself Course Info

Rebecca’s Hindi Sex

South Asian Bio Clip

Rebecca introduces herself as a multi-lingual South-Asian Therapist

Good Oral Sex and G Spot Positions

Guys this one is for you. Learn how to “Blow” her mind with great Oral Sex.

Better Sex Positions For Heavier Women

Best sex positions for pregnant or heavier girls to have more fun.

Amazing Sex Positions for Couples

Learn about the best sexual positions to improve your sex life.

Deeper Sex Positions

Try out these positions tohave more fun with deeper and more intense sex.

Work With His Lingam Size

Try out these positions to make him feel huger –thicker and longer!

Reinvent Your Relationship With Rebecca,Relationship & Sexuality Series

Childhood Sexual Abuse

If you or someone you know has experienced childhood sexual abuse, this video explains the trauma &therapy.

Sexual Challenges in Women

Understand the sexual challenges that women face, and how to deal with them.

How to Give Her Great Head

Guys this one is for you, Learn how to “Blow” her mind with great Oral Sex.

How to Give Him Exceptional Oral Pleasure

Learn the tips and techniques to giving him an awesome BJ.

Stimulating Him in The Most Sensual Ways

Learn to turn your guy on for more passion and hotter sex.

Love Languages – what do they mean& how to love your partner the right way

Learn the 5 different love languages. Which one is yours & which on is your partner?


How to safeguard your relationship from the damage of Jealousy.

Five Things You Must Never Tolerate in a Relationship

Find out what dealbreakers must never be tolerated in a relationship.

Five Keys to Constructive Discussions

From boardrooms to bedrooms, learn to better communicate in constructive ways.

Top 5 Gender Differences

Learn the differences between how men and women communicate and relate.

Sexual Intimacy – different types and expressions of sex

Do you want pleasure, connection, or both? Find out how to have the sex you & your partner want.

Getting Along With Your Partner

Learn the techniques to get along with your partner and have a better relationship.

What is Emotional Cheating

Emotional Cheating is subtle but just as damaging. Find out what not to do to keep your relationship safe.


Nothing ruins a marriage like Infidelity. Learn how to avoid it and deal with it.

Does Porn Addiction Qualify as Sex Addiction

Porn addiction is an insidious form of sex addiction that impacts millions. Find out how& what to do about it.

Sex Addiction aka Hyper Sexuality Disorder

Millions suffer from Sex Addiction. Find out what it is, what causes it,how to treat it& heal from it, and more.

Sexual Challenges In Men

Understand the sexual challenges that men face, and how to deal with them.

Top 5 Sexual Positions for Heterosexual Couples

5 great sex positions to fire up your bedroom with passion and excitement.

Five Great Tips for Male Arousal

Great tips to arouse and seduce your male partner in mind-blowing ways.

Five Great Tips for Female Arousal

Want to fire up your woman for hot passionate sex? Find out how to take her to new heights.

Feeling Sexy at Any Age

Ignore the negative media and become the most delicious, desirable, and sexy woman today.

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