Reigniting Passion


  • Attend as a couple or alone.
  • Build magic into your relationship through hotter/wilder sex, better communication, and enchanting romance, indulging the mind, body, and soul like never before. (If you want to get your relationship on the right track and add that special, weak-in-the-knees spark like you never imagined, this course is for you.)
  • Have the relationship you’ve always wanted, but were afraid to dream/ask for, both in and out of bed;
  • Touch and be touched like never before. Communicate so you’ll partner will listen, without getting into harmful “discussions;”
  • Experience the best of both worlds � the thrill & excitement of a new beginning and the comfort of knowing each other long-term. Learn to let go of hurts and grow into passionate soul mates, enjoying sex, romance and friendship in the most ecstatic way imaginable, even more so than your very first encounters.